Medical Practice for
Classical Homoeopathy
and Psychotherapy

The way to a deeper understanding of one´s own body and being

My Philosophy in Homoeopathy

Diseases and their symptoms are the body´s way to show that something inside us is off balance. In today´s world we often neglect these signs and focus on eliminating the symptoms without understanding the root cause of the disease.

Homoeopathy is a way of treating patients by understanding all physical, psychological and mental symptoms holistically. With it´s special tools, homoeopathy is able to connect the person´s physical, psychological and mental nature and thus helps us to find and to understand the person´s essence. 

Each disease and each physical, psychological or mental symptom is a chance, to understand the language of one´s own body, to restall one´s own vital force and to support a journey to one´s inner self. 

The more we understand why our body develops certain symptoms and how we react to certain situations, the better we can cure diseases, or even prevent them. 

With it´s special tools, homoeopathy strives to identify the right remedy to rebuild the body´s balance and thus the patients wellbeing.

I approach homoeopathy by combining my training and experience in classical school medicine and psychotherapy/psychoanalysis with the depths understanding of classical homoeopathy. To understand your body´s symptoms and their language on a very deep level, to heal and to prevent new diseases and finding the corresponding remedy is my ultimate aim. Activating the life force and inner ressources to establish inner health and inner peace can and should be achieved in order to be able to life one´s own potential.

Advanced and continued education in homoeopathy, my postgradual training in psychiatry/psychanalysis and professional development within the "Sensation-Method" and the "Synergy-Method" developed by Dr. Rajan Sankaran and his collegues, the new "Plant-Development-System" by Dr.Michal Yakir and Dr.Mahesh Gandhi and also the very special ways of treating by Dr.Jayesh Shah and Dr.Divya Chhabra help me, to always develop further my own way of treating and to be up to date on the most recent homoeopathical developments in order to treat my patients with great responsibility and professional care.

Homoeopathy for me, with it´s special tools and ways of understanding the person holistically, is a wonderful supplement and completion to the classical school medicine, to understand diseases in another way. I am very comfortable working in close contact and collaboration with other colleagues such as medical specialists, psychotherapists, ostheopaths, physical therapists, midvives and others, to broaden and enlarge the spectrum of treating and healing every patient individually. This is how an ultimate medical care and treatment can be guaranteed. Especially for chronical diseases and children Homeopathy is a wonderful alternative and addition. 

The aim of any treatment remains the patient´s health and wellbeing.