Medical Practice for
Classical Homoeopathy
and Psychotherapy

Homoeopathy in my Medical Practice

The homoeopathical anamnesis serves the purpose to understand the patient in the totality of it´s physical, psychological and mental symptoms, but also in it´s essence and being.

The anamnesis consists of two parts.

In the first part there will be a lot of time, quietness and space for you to describe your medical condition to help me understand you as a person.

The second part will be my exact evaluation of all your other physical, psychological or mental symptoms and the evaluation of the family-history background, in order to complete the case and to find the right remedy.

A physical examination might follow.

My medical knowledge has big influence in the remedy. Sometimes clinical diagnostics are necessary to understand the primary disease and it´s clinical course.

Within the following days and weeks after having taken the remedy, I would ask you to carefully watch the development and the changes of your medical condition, possible new or old symptoms and dreams. I would ask you to write them down, so that we can talk about them during our follow-up.

During the very important follow-up visits I will assess the efficiency of the prescribed treatment. A minimum of 3 follow-up sessions should take place at a 4-6 weeks interval to evaluate the health improvements. Sometimes additional remedies are necessary. In acute situations we should stay in close contact to watch your medical condition.

I am solely working in classical homoeopathy, based on the "Organon" from Samuel Hahnemann and the "Sensation- and Synergy Method" developed by Dr. Rajan Sankaran and his colleagues. This approach is determined to find one remedy to the current totality of your symptoms. I am not using any complex remedies consisting of a number of homoeopathical remedies. 

A homoeopathical treatment can easily be started parallel to a classical school medical treatment. Any medications can be taken as usual.

I am available for questions and appointment arrangements via phone during my consultation hours Monday-Friday 8.30-9.15 am. In case of emergency I can be reached on my mobile phone anytime. Please leave a message, I will get back to you as soon as possible.


Settlements of the Homoeopathical Treatment

The homoeopathical treatment will be settled after the "Gebührenordnung für Ärzte - GOÄ" and will be payed for differently according to your insurance company. Private insurance companies usually absorb the costs. Additional insurances for homoeopathy are available at many insurance companies.

Depending on my efforts the costs can exceed the 3,5 x rate (GOÄ)

Consultations via telephone and other medical treatments will be calculated seperately.