Medical Practice for
Classical Homoeopathy
and Psychotherapy

  • Dr. Med. Bettina Althaus

    Medical Practice for
    Classical Homoeopathy
    & Psychotherapy
    Grolmannstrasse 30/31 • 10623 Berlin
    telephone 030-40 57 25 57
    by appointment
    consulting hours by telephone
    Monday – Friday 8.30–9.00 am

    Dr. Med. Bettina Althaus
  • Language of the Body

    Each physical, psychological or mental symptom can be seen as the language of the body. These symptoms are used in homoeopathy to understand the deeper source and essence of the disease in order to restall the restricted vital force.

    Language of the Body
  • Life's Journeys

    Every life stage has its challenges. Sometimes the body signals that something is off balance, may it be physical, psychological or mental. Understanding these symptoms enables us to overcome the crisis and provides for sustainable development.

    Life's Journeys